30 Sep 2022

Movilidad a Mende. Día 5

Thursday 29th September.

Today we got up and went downstairs to have breakfast with the students from Italy and Romania. After breakfast, we went to school playing music to start the day with energy.

When we have arrived, our colleagues Isa, Sara and Pau have made their presentation on the traditions of Madrid. It has been a very interesting activity because we have learned about some traditions from other countries. At the end of the presentation of France, they have given us a typical cheese with bread.Imagen

After the presentations we have been divided into groups to attend classes accompanied by some students. We have had a great time, because it is a unique experience. Later we have gone to have lunch and after that we have gone out to the patio and we have been talking with the French, Romanians and Italians.

Next, we have walked towards the town hall, with music, where we have taken a photograph. In truth, it has not been just one, there have taken three or four. We have gone up to the first floor to a marriage room. The decoration of the room caught our attention because it was exotic, with several tapestries, and very different from what we are used to seeing in Madrid. The mayor’s representative received us there because it was not possible for him to be there. She has thanked us for coming to Mende and they have offered us some food.Imagen

After leaving the town hall, we have had a guided tour of Mende with a guide. The woman has explained to us the history and the curiosities and anecdotes that the places have. We have visited the streets of Mende and the cathedral. At the cathedral we have been actively looking at the exterior design of the cathedral. Interestingly, the Mende Cathedral has two towers that apparently look alike. But as soon as you look at them, you can see that they are not. The left tower is much more decorated in the sense that it has more details. However, in the tower on the right they would limit themselves to build it without any type of decoration.

Inside, the cathedral consists of a wide, long and high nave. It has many curiosities, such as the fact that there is a tomb inside the cathedral.

When the guided tour of the city is over, the teachers have given us free time to take a walk around Mende. At eight o’clock we all went to dinner together at a restaurant, and we ate aligot, which is a typical Mende dish, and when we finished we all made a giant conga. At night we have all met again and we have signed the t-shirts that have been given to us in the town hall.

We had a great time on our last day in France and we will be very sad to say goodbye to our new friends.

Paula López, Isabel Heras.