28 Mar 2022

Movilidad a Hungría – Día 6

Day six. 25/3/22.

Friday, our last day, we woke up a little earlier than the other days because we had to leave our bags ready. We had breakfast, some leftovers that we had left from previous days and then we went to the gallery where we met every day. Once there, they gave us our certificates and some presents they had bought for us.

After that, we had time to say goodbye to the Italians because their flight departed earlier than ours. We have played a kahoot and Marcos was the winner and they have rewarded him with a typical Hungarian chocolate bar.

Later, we went for a bike ride near the river we had gone yesterday and we took some photos and made some vídeos. Two Hungarian guys have come with us.

We left the bikes in the school where we had taken them before and we went to the supermarket to buy some food for lunch.

When we finished eating we said goodbye to the Hungarian people who were with us and we went to the hotel to pick up our bags.

We arrived at the bus station and we had to wait for the bus that was going to take us to the airport. The Belgians were in the bus too, because their plane took off shortly before ours. And finally we arrived at the airport and we went to Madrid.

María del Mar Delgado Gómez
Coordinadora Bilingüe (Inglés)