12 May 2022

Movilidad a Bruselas. Día 1

Sunday 8th May. Day 1.

Today was the day of departure for Belgium. We arrived at the airport around 7am to check in and catch the plane. At 9:05 the plane took off and it was a MA-RA-VI-LLO-SO trip.

We landed in Belgium at 11:20 and we had to wait half an hour for a bus, which left us somewhere near the center, half an hour’s walk from the hotel. After touring the city with the suitcase behind us, we arrived at the hotel. After a quick check in, we went up to the rooms.

These are quite large and very clean, but the stairs were very steep and the corridors narrow.
We left our bags and went directly to the train station to go to Ghent.

The trip was very fast. When we got off we took a walk through a slightly more residential area because we were all very hungry and wanted to eat quickly. We went to McDonalds, ate quickly and went for a walk in the tourist area.

We started by seeing the Saint Bavon Cathedral; then we continued with a walk seeing the beautiful houses out there. At one point along the way, we stopped because there were giant bubbles. Afterwards we continued to see more of this beautiful city and we stopped to rest in Graslei and Korenlei Ghent.

Then we saw the castle and on the way back to the station, we stopped to eat the famous waffles. They were delicious. Back in Brussels, after a lot of walking, we went to dinner and by the way, we went to see the Grand Place at night, all lit up.

And to end the day we went back to the hotel to sleep, because we were all exhausted. Tania Paino, Alba Fernández, Javier Rivas, Guillermo Yagües y Marcos Domínguez.