13 May 2022

Movilidad a Bruselas. Día 5

Thursday 12th May. Day 5.

We got up and had breakfast outside the hotel. Then we took the subway to go to the Belgian school. There we did an activity about what our ideal school would be like; and in free time, the elevator stopped when two Italians and Tania were inside.

Afterwards, we went eating some sandwiches while we were on our way to the European Parliament. First, we all entered a museum where they briefly explained the history of Europe. Afterwards, they gave us an introductory talk on how the European Union was created and we were given some time to take photos in the parliament.

When we left, they left us a couple of hours of free time, and each one took the opportunity to choose where to have dinner.

At 19:00 we got together on the subway to go to the institute again, and we left one of us at the station because, as a good citizen, he was giving directions to a person and didn’t realise the train was leaving, but nothing happened and we waited for him in the next station.

We arrived at the institute where we were partying all night (until 10:30 p.m.). It was incredible.