13 May 2022

Movilidad a Bruselas. Día 4

Wednesday 11th May. Day 4.

Nuestras aventuras del día 4.

A new day started, and it was finally the day we would go to Bruges. We had breakfast at the hotel, and we met with everyone at a square to catch the train at the station. The train lasted long, approximately an hour and a half, but time passed by so quickly as we played card games with some Belgian students.

When we arrived, we were divided into groups. Each one had to take as many pictures as they could in all the emblematic monuments until 12:00. It was a great experience for sightseeing and getting to know the town and the students better.

Lunch was quite pricey, they charged us 5,5€ for a bottle of water while sodas cost 3,3€. However, the food was nice and we were greatly satisfied.

Later, we visited the chocolate museum, where we learned about the process of exporting cacao and transforming it into chocolate, until finally we saw a live demonstration of how chocolate is made.

The next museum was the french fries museum, and we also got to try them at the end of the visit.

We had some free time until it was time to leave. During this break, it was very windy, and a stand full of cards and magnets fell to the floor. We ran to help the poor woman that was trying to pick everything up, and she told us she felt so grateful for it. We also felt very good, and satisfied with our good action.

The train back was tiring and even longer than the previous one, and we fell asleep for the two hours that it lasted.

Even though we were tired, after a revitalizing shower and putting on our pijamas, we all agreed that it had been a wonderful day.