12 May 2022

Movilidad a Bruselas. Día 3

Tuesday 10th May. Day 3.

On Tuesday we started our day by going to breakfast at a coffee shop at 7:45. Then we took the train to go to the Atomium and join the rest of the countries.

We took some pictures and went to the mini Europa, where we spent the morning having a look at the small models of the main buildings in Europe and taking plenty of pictures.

At lunch time we arrived at a park where each country chose where they wanted to eat, and at 15:30 we got together again to go sightseeing in the center of Brussels.

Afterwards, once we finished sightseeing, around 18:30, we separated from the teachers and were left free time to shop and have dinner with the other countries.

At 21:30 we rejoined the teachers and headed back to the hotel.

Tania Paino y Javier Rivas