12 May 2022

Movilidad a Bruselas. Día 2

Monday 9th May. Day 2.

Today, the second day of our trip, we have visited the school for the first time. After breakfast, we started our journey towards the school, changing between trains and railways until we reached it. We met all of the Belgians, who greeted us with all the other students that came from different parts of the world: Italy and Hungary. They provided us with some books and materials, as well as with some treats like coffee and biscuits. They divided us into groups to visit the classes and learn how they work regarding different subjects such as geography, science, maths… We later had a break, where we could start meeting the other students better. There were several workshops where we learned about Belgian history and the basics of French.

We all had lunch together at a restaurant, and we walked through the parks until it was time to go back.

From there, we walked until we reached the center of the park next to the school, where we gathered to do our next activity. They divided us into groups and we were taught how to follow a map, and orient ourselves in the right direction to find all the points we had to locate.

After the activity, we were so tired. However, we went to the center of the city to see Manneken piece and Jeanneke piece, some of the most famous sculptures from Belgium.

After dinner we went back to the hotel, exhausted but very excited for the next that awaits us in this mavellous trip.