09 May 2022

ERASMUS+: Movilidad en Madrid

Este es el resumen de la semana que pasamos con nuestros socios belgas, húngaros e italianos del proyecto Erasmus+: ‘School is cool. Tutoring to boost young pupil’s motivation’.

Day 1 – 25th April 2022

We welcomed our colleagues at 9 am with a welcome sign, had churros with hot chocolate for breakfast and went to the main hall to do an activity that we had prepared. We made mixed groups so we could get to know each other. When we finished we showed them the high school and we went to eat at the Guru. After lunch we had a guided tour of Madrid where we visited Sol, Plaza Mayor, La Almudena… and at the end of our free time we walked around the shops.

Day 2 – 26th April 2022

In the morning we took the subway to go to the Prado museum. In the museum we placed ourselves in separate groups between countries, in each group there was one Spaniard and with the help of a map we guided them through the museum. In each room that was signed up, there were paintings that were on the list of some podcasts that we did, they scanned the qr and they listened to what the painting was about.
After the visit we went for the sandwiches for lunch at the ham museum, and we ate them at the Retiro park.
After eating we did a gymkana in which they gave us clues to find a specific place in the park and take a picture of ourselves to show it to the teachers.

Day 3 – 27th April 2022

In the morning we took the bus to Toledo, when we arrived there was a tour guide who taught us and told us anecdotes about the city of Toledo. around 2 o’clock they let us go out to eat by ourselves, some groups went to the mac others to an Italian, etc. and after eating free time until 4 o’clock and you could eat in the shops that were around the city, later we got together for the groups and we did a gymkhana looking for clues around the city. Finally, we took the bus back and went back to the neighborhood.

Day 4 – 28th April 2022

On Thursday morning we were doing a climbing activity all together. We did several different activities and finally we all finished playing football. Around 11 we had breakfast in a classroom that the mothers of some students had taken over. They put several types of Spanish food.
When we finished we went to visit Madrid and we were watching the Real Madrid stadium and they were buying some souvenirs. We finished eating a sandwich in the main square. Afterwards we had free time in which we all went to have a coffee at Starbucks and we also went to Gran Vía.Around 9 we all went to dinner together as a farewell dinner. For starters, we ate pasta with pesto, croquetas and grilled vegetables, and for main course they gave us a choice between meat and fish. It was all very good and it helped us to get to know each other much more thoroughly and talk about many things. Then we went to the subway and we all went home together.

Day 5

On Friday morning we all met in the library to distribute the project diplomas and cups from Alfredo Kraus. We were together in the morning and at 12 we said goodbye to everyone because they left for the airport. The farewell was very sad, but we will see each other again soon.