25 Mar 2022

Movilidad a Hungría – Días 4 y 5

Day four. 23/3/22. Day five. 24/3/22.

Day four.

On Wednesday we woke up at 7,20 so we could sleep a bit more than Tuesday and then, at 8 o’clock in the morning we went to the supermarket in the village to buy our breakfasts. Everyone chose what we wanted to eat: some of us took fruit, others biscuits… We ate our breakfasts at a park near the town hall.

At 11:00 in the morning we went to the town hall and we had a talk about the well-being of students. Also, we made a meditation workshop that helped us to relax.

After that we visited another village and we saw an exhibition about the evolution of the Hungarian people.

Later we went to a labyrinth. It was a new experience that we enjoyed a lot because we never did something similar and it helped us to know the people of the other countries better.

After that, the bus picked us up and we went to Szeged. We stopped at a shopping centre. It surprised us a lot because it was very similar to the Spanish ones and with shops and restaurants that are in Spain too. We had a break to eat and then we had a guided tour through the city of Szeged. The tour guide asked different questions every time she stopped to explain the most important sights and the student who guessed each question was given a little prize. That made us pay more attention.

At 17:00 our visit ended and we went back to Csongrad, where we had dinner in an Italian restaurant.

Carla & Sofía

Day five.

Today, we were up and running for breakfast at 7:45. As we wanted to try out something different for breakfast, we went to a place we had not been to before. In that place, many different types of cakes were offered. Personally, I did choose one traditional breakfast dish from Csongrád which consisted of a thin layer of puff pastry filled with two different varieties of cheese.

Afterwards, we went to the town hall in order to continue with the workshop activities we had started on Monday. Today we focused our attention on the main drawbacks of the project and their possible solutions. In the end, we decided to create a survey, which will be offered to tutees in the following couple of months.

At around 11 we walked to an old and traditional house in the outskirts of Csongrád, where we attended some interesting activities such as the creation of traditional medieval money-carrying bags and the elaboration of gingerbread figures.

At 1:30, we finished the activities and we went to the back end of the house to eat like a traditional Hungarian family would do. We ate traditional dishes which in spite of not seeming incredibly tasty at first, were delicious. These dishes consisted of potatoes sazonated with paprika and accompanied with slices of chorizo. As a desert, we made our own kurtoskalacs by the fire.

Once we were done eating we danced to a lot of songs, some of them were traditional folkloric songs, while others were not folkloric at all but we enjoyed ourselves a lot, all of us dancing together and having fun. The weather was great!

Later, at around 5.pm we went to the Tisza River, where we relaxed by the riverside and played a volleyball match. In there we also saw plenty of little houses which are rented during the summer, when people from Csongrád and many other other places, even from Germany and Austria, come to spend the summer and enjoy this kind of beach.

Moreover, at 18:15 we started to tidy up and we were arguing about which place we wanted to have dinner.

We decided to go to the Italian restaurant near the Town Hall that we had already been to.

While we went back to have dinner on the way to the restaurant, we had the chance to enjoy a very beautiful sunset. It was very nice because we were talking, singing and taking a lot of photos.

Finally after a long walk, at 19:30 we arrived at the restaurant.

We started talking with the Hungarians and the Italians and we put in common how we feel as we are leaving tomorrow.

During these days we have done a lot of things and we appreciate how they have treated us so we told them and thanked them for it.

We were a little bit sad because this week was very fun and we don’t want to say goodbye to them.

Furthermore they told us that they are very happy with us and that they want to come to Spain.

Aintzane & Marcos